HubSpot Health Check

Are you getting the best out of your HubSpot investment?

HubSpot has lots of great tools to ensure you can implement a world-class inbound marketing or sales strategy for your business, however sometimes those tools can be overwhelming.

  1. Are you using HubSpot to its full potential
  2. Have you inherited HubSpot from a previous staff member?
  3. Does your HubSpot need a clean up?
  4. Are there some underlying problems in your strategy that you are unaware of?
  5. Are you creating enough qualified marketing leads?
  6. Are you able to forecast your deals in real-time?

What you will get from this offer.

  • We will analyse your HubSpot performance.
  • Provide you with actionable information where you can leverage HubSpot further to help your Marketing and Sales objectives.

Once we've done the health check we'll provide a 60-minute consultation call where we can feedback to you what we found, and what could be improved, including low hanging fruit and quick wins which we could do for you.

A best practice check of all HubSpot setup configuration, including items such as:

  • CRM, pipeline and forecasting configuration
  • GDPR setup and configuration
  • Workflow and automation opportunities - do more at scale
  • Data model configuration
  • Data segmentation
  • Naming conventions
  • Lead scoring model
  • Template setup and usage
  • Technical configuration such as email and landing page domains
  • Blog setup and usage
  • Marketing automation usage 

We essentially check every configuration in HubSpot.

We'll get back to you with how well your HubSpot is optimised and recommendations for quick wins and long-term success.

If you'd like this HubSpot health check, please fill out the form.

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